X-plore File Manager Mod Apk 4.31.21 Hack (Unlocked) for Android [Donate]

X-plore File Manager

Mod apk :

  • customize graphics
  • customize application icon
  • all pro features are unlocked

X-plore File Manager mod apk tutorial :

The software work environment is divided into two parts. You can see the internal memory, sd card and root in this program, but your device must be root to access this section. And other options that you will get acquainted with in the following.
To copy, go to the sd card and go to the phone’s internal memory and select a file. Holding the finger opens features such as rename, copy, move, delete, etc., which we select copy here. Our file will be copied and seen in the sd card section. We can do the same in internal memory, for example, create a folder or delete a folder. If you want to delete information in the internal memory, do as above or select several folders and select the delete option on the right side of the program. In the program management section, you will see all the software.

If you want to transfer a program to others, you can hold your finger on the program to open the capabilities that we select the copy and the copied file is installed that we can transfer to anyone can To install.
The next feature is sharing with Wi-Fi. You see the Wi-Fi server option that we have turned on the Wi-Fi server in another phone because we want to enter that phone, these two devices must be connected to the same Wi-Fi. And we will find the desired phone by clicking on the Add Device option. And we can see the internal memory of the other party, such as apps, movies, etc., and we can exchange any information we want. This is done by selecting the desired information and copying it. We have a series of videos inside the laptop and computer hard drive that we want to transfer to the phone, but their memory is so large that using this program, this may be possible using the lan feature. Another feature of this program is that you can pick up or drop information directly on the cloud.