Latest Apps and Games

  • Treasure Diving Android

    Dive into an exotic underwater world with “Treasure Diving”! Explore the seabed, unravel ancient mysteries of the ocean and rule your marine kingdom! Enjoy exciting quests; daring adventures and risky..

  • 100 Pics Quiz Android

    Free download 100 Pics Quiz V1.0.9.3 for android from . – The BIGGEST Picture Quiz EVER! – Now with over 100 quiz games in 1 – A new quiz..

  • NPR One Android

    Free Download NPR One v1.1.1.8 apk for android from . NPR One is the new audio app that connects you to a stream of public radio news and stories..

  • Khatm Quran with Tafseer v1.0 Android

    ينظم ويساعد على ختم القرآن الكريم ضمن مدة معينة أو بتحديد ورد يومي ختم كامل أو تتمة ختم سابق مرفق معه ويدجت تمييز الصفحات بتغيير لونها: – المقروءة باللون الأحمر..

  • Atmospheric: Weather v1.4.0

    Using and Flickr, Atmospheric is an android weather app that combines one of the best weather data sources with inspiring photographs shot by photographers in your area. The combination..