Gallery Vault Hide Video Photo PRO Apk 4.2.1 Unlocked for Android

Gallery Vault Hide Video Photo PRO Apk

Gallery Vault PRO Apk 4.2.1 Unlocked for Android

Gallery Vault pro apk is one of the most excellent and useful apps in the field of hiding video and photos from the gallery, which has been published by ThinkYeah programming studio for Android systems. You can download and install this pro mod app from RevDL at no cost and completely free. This app was downloaded millions of times through Google Play. This app is one of the top contract media & video apps that you can use to easily protect your mobile gallery from people you do not want to use. You can use it to hide your personal files. You can do the hiding request in a few simple steps with a great feature. In recent years, Android phones have become the main electronic device for users, so that you can find all kinds of information such as photos, personal videos, passwords, phone numbers and more. The Gallery Vault application has secured the Android phone many times over. This program has the ability to encrypt your programs such as Telegram or fitness programs or training programs on the corona virus or even yoga training programs. It can also secure your private numbers and messages.

There are users who have files such as pdf, photo in their phone that they want to protect. These users can use this program to encrypt and hide these files in the phone memory. The Gallery Vault program can be considered as a box in the phone that stores very important files in your phone memory. You can import files including photos, videos and other formats.

Android phones are improving and becoming more secure every day due to the advancement of technology. Despite the security features of the new smartphones, your privacy and information are still compromised by default. Maybe your phone is stolen or lost or something else happens to it and you do not want the information to fall into the hands of other profiteers. You can use Gallery Vault to protect your phone.

The program is designed to provide you with the highest level of security.

Tutorial Gallery Vault Pro apk:

  • Setting Guide: With this option, the software will open the software guide for the first time and you must first choose a password for your application.
  • After setting the password, you must enter your email so that if you forget the password, you can reset it via email.
  • You can also see the Gallery option, in which the hidden videos and images of the gallery can be viewed and managed, and you can easily manage the hidden video and images.
  • In the Explore option, popular images of Instagram and other social networks can be seen.
  • With the Profile option you can view your account information and access the application settings.
  • In the settings section of this program, you will see options that are:
  • Shake Close, which is to close the application by shaking the mobile phone.
  • Video Player Setting is the movie player settings.
  • The Default Apps option opens the default software.
  • Recycle Bin: This option is also a Recycle Bin.
  • In the Change Password option you can change your password.
  • Screen Off Action: To lock the software when the screen is turned off.
  • By activating the Icon Disguise option, the program looks like a calculator, and by holding your finger on its icon, you enter the program.
  • With the Choose Theme option, you can change the application skin.
  • By activating the Break in Alerts option, when the user enters his / her password incorrectly, he / she will take a photo of that person’s face.
  • By activating the Fake Password option, when you open this program, fake contents will be displayed with a fake password, and you have no worries.

This security has has the ability to minimize the unwanted theft of your information. When you want to help hide your files from this program, you do not need to worry at all about the size of the files or their format. All video and video content, if in any format, if in the phone memory. Your Android can be hidden and managed by the Gallery Vault pro apk. You can place your content within the application environment in the categories you want and choose a name for the folders. Download Gallery Vault Pro apk from revdl then protect your files on your android devices.