AZ Screen Recorder Pro Mod Apk Premium Full for android [No Root]

AZ Screen Recorder

AZ Screen Recorder Mod Pro Apk Premium Full for android

one of the most complete and best video recording programs from your smartphone screen is AZ Screen Recorder Mod apk. Pro version of this program has been published by hecorat for free with in app purchase , but you can use these paid features for free if you download mod apk or pro from the great Revdl site. Recording, screen or phone display is a little difficult and may be a little hassle because you must root the phone to do this (this type of apk from our website does not require rooting the phone). by installing the program apk AZ Screen Recorder you can easily record videos from your screen and from the screen Take a video on your mobile phone.

AZ Screen Recorder also has some simple editing tools that you can use to draw shapes or symbols on the screen while recording a video. This feature is especially useful for those who want to make an instructional video or guide. It also includes options for cropping and editing video after recording, selecting a specific area of ​​the screen, adding audio and even converting parts of the video to animated or gif (GIF) images, which can certainly be very useful. Therefore, we suggest that after recording the video, be sure to refer to the editing section and apply a series of final improvements to your video. This program has been published both for free and Mod or Pro, each of which gives you different accesses. In this android program, you can use the time-up feature to finish filming according to your schedule.

Download Az screen recorder apk mod for androidfull

Step by step tutorial AZ Screen Recorder Mod apk:

You must first download the AZ Screen Recorder Mod apk program from RevDL site and install it on your Android smartphone, and after tapping on the screen, you can see the buttons related to recording settings, screenshots, etc. The settings option is the transfer to the settings section of the program. If you want to take a screenshot at the moment, you must click the screenshot option. You can record a video from the screen by tapping the record option. It is interesting to know that you can both record videos and record your own voice, and it is possible to capture your videos with the front camera, and you can do this with the live screen option. The job of the camera option is to move to the camera section.

You can also access the features of this Android application from the Notification section

These options include:

Settings is that by selecting this option you go to the settings section of this program.

ScreenShot which, as I said above, is for taking screenshots. By selecting the Gallery option, the images are transferred to the gallery section. With the Exit option, you exit the software.

download az screen recorder mod apk for android

Now we want to explain the complete and comprehensive settings of Az Screen Recorder pro mod apk program, which you can go to the settings of this program by selecting the settings option. When you enter the settings you will see various options such as encoder that is being recorded for video encryption. Use the magic button to do instant tasks and access different sections. You can use the Use Magic Button option. You can even stop some of the program’s default settings and features while recording by entering the settings. This is done with the Stop Options option. The Resolution option, as the name implies, adjusts the recording resolution. In the next option, you can also adjust the recording frame, and this is done using the Frame Rate. By selecting Bit-Rate, you can also adjust the rate and speed of video recording.

Orientation option is for the screen and its recording. You can see the display time of the video recording, which is done with the Time-Lapse option. If you want to record audio during video recording, you must go to the Record Audio option.

If you want to have access to and view the camera while using the app, you should use the Show Camera option. You can also view the recording time with the Time Recording option. It is interesting to know that using the Countdown Before Start option, you can also have a countdown counter before starting the recording. You can even set the countdown timer before recording starts with the Countdowns Value option. With the Controller Type option, you can set how to display access to the features and buttons of the program at your disposal.

You can customize the buttons related to the features of the program, which is done with the Bubble Buttons option. By selecting the Keep Notification on Exit option, you can view the recorded video in the notification environment despite the interruption of the recording. With the Disable Review pop-up option, you will see a pop-up view of the movie or photo taken. Finally, with the Output Directory option, you choose where your video or photo will be stored.

If you want to access the pen while you are recording a movie, you can do so by selecting Draw.

Features of AZ Screen Recorder mod apk:

  • Record videos from different quality screens
  • Ability to support the front camera when recording video from the screen and placing the camera image on it
  • There are no restrictions when recording
  • Put all kinds of stickers and texts on files
  • Put a countdown timer on instructional videos
  • Ability to edit recorded video files
  • Save the selected directory
  • This program does not require root access
  • No ads in this app

AZ Screen Recorder pro apk download

AZ Screen Recorder mod apk highlights:

Until now, you did not think that you could record from your android phone screen, or you thought that there must be another phone to be able to record from the screen. You mistakenly thought that because the phone is the hardest way to capture the screen and capture the image of another phone. If we record with another phone, the quality will be very low. For example, in live streaming, we can not save a record from screen. In these cases, we need to take a photo or video of our page. As we said, the AZ Screen Recorder Mod apk program has made our work easier. By downloading from RevDL and installing it on our mobile phone, we can record high quality and very suitable videos from our screen and record the audio with using this program.