Clashbot VIP version v7.15.1 with install learning [All versions For Download]


Download Clashbot VIP version from RevDl to Hack Clash of Clans.

how to install and config ClashBot:
1. First of all, You should download and install the latest version of BlueStacks.
2. Then, install .Net Framework 4.5.2.
3. Run Clashbot.exe as administrator (for this, click on it and select Run As Administrator), this can cause bluestacks runs automaticly. But as we said you should have installed bluestacks before.
4. Create an account in and connect to the application via this account. (there’s no need to create account in cracked version)
5. If it’s the first time you run this application, it will resize the screen of bluestacks, we advise you to restart your system to apply screen size changes. If size change doesn’t work, robot will not work too, and it will stuck in authentication level.
6. Set your custom settings and now you can start the robot.

How to config Clashbot VIP version:
1. First download and install VCredit 2013.
2. Run Clashbot.exe.
3. Connect with your own account and enjoy it.
(while starting 7.9.0 cracked version , if you encountered the error “Error You have selected ‘build’ but not created a troop-set yet! Go to the build tab” you should download 7.9.0 free version and only replace with cracked ClashBot.exe and run the robot.)

All premium version abilities are active in VIP version(Image 1)

Important tips:
1. ClashBot robot is tested and a lot of users in all over the world are using it.
2. This application has two version: free and paid, that the paid version is monthly 10 dollar. we prepared both versions for you.
3. Normally, you will have many questions about the application and its options. Unfortunately we are not expert in the field of Clash of Clans game and we are not familiar with this application and its options, so you shouldn’t have expected the management team to answer your questions. We just confirm your comments and questions to other users respond to them.
4. In some cases, Clash server will notice that you are using robot if you speed up robot and block your account . we are not responsible for any blocked accounts So use it on your own!

Application’s configuration to attack and get the maximum resources in free 7.9.0 version(Image 2)

Application’s configuration to attack and get the maximum resources(Image 3)
ClashBot Vip VersionClashBot Vip Version

ClashBot Vip Version