Wonder Cube v1.0.2 Android

WonderCube is a fun, fast-paced runner that combines beautiful graphics with an addictive gameplay!

Inspired by Lewis Caroll’s books: “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” and its sequel “Through the Looking-Glass”, by our favorite cartoons and by our developers’ dreams, this games offers a trip to an uncharted Wonderland, placed on a Wonder Cube.

Loads of secret places and hidden bonuses await – try finding them all!

Wonder Cube is packed with fun quests and lands! Set new records, sharpen your skills and compete with your friends!

We have carefully crafted the characters and environment to allow you to immerse yourself in this wonderful world of dreams! We’ve picked the best of popular fantasy worlds and combined them with our professional team’s abilities in order to realize them, and wrap them in a box – WonderCube,

Device ID & Call Information – Wonder Cube is using the Device ID & Call information in order to make sure not to interrupt you, by sending push notifications for instance, when a call is active. We would like to assure you the we continuously work to improve your user experience while keeping your private information safe.