Volume Booster V2.0.7

Volume Booster will make your phone sound and overall volume stronger by 30-40% depending on your device!Simply tap on the icon and let the app calibrate your sound settings!This app will increase your overall sound quality and make your Android phone sound like a professional media player.

It works for both speakers and headphones. You will also discover a significant difference in your ringer, alarm and voice call level.

Disclaimer: This app will NOT damage your speakers.This app doesn’t have viruses and will NOT damage your phone!

Advertising Policy Disclosure:We love creating apps, and want to keep them free forever. In order to keep our development running, Volume Booster is ad-supported to generate some revenue.When you click on advertisements delivered by Volume Booster, you will typically be directed to a third-party’s web page.

What’s New in Volume Booster v2.0.7

  1. Ver 2.0.7
  2. Boost on launch