Stay Alive! Keep screen awake v1.9.5.1 Apk for android

Stay Alive! Keep screen awake

Stay Alive! Keep screen awake is a Tools App for android
download last version of Stay Alive! Keep screen awake Apk for android from revdl with direct link

IMPORTANT: Install latest version if app crashed on startup. Android 5+ users please update to the latest version. App detection has been fixed for users who updated to the latest build.
Make sure you select SA! in the list of apps with usage access.

Make your device screen Stay Alive! when you need it.

Most options are FREE and donator options are cheaper than simillar app on the store!

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Keep your screen on when your device is running your GPS application, favorite remote control, playing a movie or slideshow, etc… Perfect to keep your screen on without dimming for application development. Your screen will never go back to sleep until you want it to…

Choose when you want your device to Stay Alive!:


• NEW: Full Android 5 (lollipop) support
• On except if one of the applications you selected is in foreground
• Only when you have power
• Even if you are running on batteries
• When one of the applications you selected is in foreground
• Can be automatically disabled when you connect to your car or desktop docking station
• Prevent or allow Stay Alive! to dim your screen when active
• Protect your battery with minimum battery level auto pause option
• Easily pause Stay Alive! when not needed from the notification zone. No need for a widget!
• NO annoying ADS!
• HOLO light and dark themes!


• NEW: Black screen floating clock
• Display a black screen to prevent screen lock and save battery on AMOLED screens. Just touch the screen to wake up.
• Auto start on boot
• Hide top bar icon (Android 4.1+)
• Automatically keep screen on when plugged even if configured to stay on for specific apps when unplugged
• Keep screen on even when locked
• Automatically pause SA! with proximity sensor
• Change config colors!

Easy power operation mode changes with the notification icons! It will show you which power mode you are using and allow you to quickly change between modes. You can also quickly activate the Stay Alive for specific application mode!

Stay Alive! will automatically disable itself then you manually turn off your device. It won’t keep your screen on if your device wakes up when it receives a notification.

Stay Alive! will not change your display timeout value or brightness settings. It will prevent your device from going to sleep based on your needs.

We made this application Ad Free. Please, support this initiative by donating using the menu option in the application.

Please use our email address for support or feature requests, as comments on Play Store don’t allow me to gather enough information or contact you.

GET_TASKS – Needed to get foreground app name to keep alive.
PACKAGE_USAGE_STATS – Needed to get foreground app name to keep alive on lollipop.
READ_PHONE_STATE – Needed to disable Stay Alive! if the device is off.
WAKE_LOCK – Needed to keep the device Alive!
WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE – Needed to write the user configuration.
READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE – Needed to read the user configuration.
BILLING – Needed for the donation option!
RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED – Needed to auto start Stay Alive! on boot

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Stay Alive! Keep screen awake

Stay Alive! Keep screen awake

Stay Alive! Keep screen awake

Stay Alive! Keep screen awake