FlareX CM11 Theme v1.3 Apk

Theme officially supports CM , Mahdi , AOSPA Roms .** Let the screenshots speak**

Theme brings a flat , dark , red , black , translucent , divider less hexagon inspired UI with awesome fading animations.All tiny details are taken care of and if you find any bugs please contact us and we will fix it for you.

Whats themed ?
–Main themed apps are :-
-Theme Chooser

Are these the only themed apps ?
–Nope , these were the majorly ( like a complete overhaul ) themed apps . Theme at release contains a total of 28 themed apps .

Only apps are themed ?
–Nope ,there are custom wallpapers , fonts and sounds included .

Only Red ?
–Nope , more colors are coming soon.

Will you answer me if i am stuck ?
–I am available for helping users 24×7.

[email protected]



Note :- If you use PA Google Stock Package /BanKs GApps Standard 4.4.4 youll get -400 error as they remove AOSP Camera and add Google Camera.. For theme to work properly AOSP Camera is needed..

The UI is crafted precisely over two months of development so please give some feedback.