Ear Spy Pro v1.4.7 For Android

Ear Spy attempts to improve your hearing with the power of Android. Depending on how good your phone it, it can become a high-powered listening device (like a hear aid or a super Spy App). It is the Ultimate Eavesdropping Tool.

With the Pro Version, you get a more powerful equalizer, a homescreen widget, and the power to record to mp3.

Click on the center button, and you can hear the world around you.


Ear Spy is a “Super Spy” application which gives you super-hearing and the ability to eavesdrop on those around you. With some bluetooth headsets, you can eavesdrop from the next room (tested with the Motorola HT820 Headset).

Ear Spy amplifies sound coming through your phone microphone straight to your earphones. To fine-tune the incoming signal, use the graphic audio equalizer.

Learn more about Ear Spy by going to http://www.earspyapp.com/.

To find out how to use Ear Spy, here is a tutorial on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k4AdynDFD0A

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Privacy Notice:

This is a “spy” application, but we do not spy on you.

We do not collect or store any information about the users of this application. Once you download it, it runs on your phone and never communicates with our servers.

Version 1.4.2
— Ability to recover unsaved recorded files.
— Solved the crashing issue.

Version 1.4
More Audio Effects
— BassBoost, Virtualizer, More than 5-bands (if device supports).
— AcousticEchoCanceler, AutomaticGainControl and NoiseSuppressor (For android OS version >= 4.1).

MP3 Gallery
— Gallery of recorded mp3 files.

Version 1.3
–New ‘pulsing’ widget to start Ear Spy from your homescreen.
–Faster MP3 encoding.
–Minor bug fixes.

Version 1.2
–New Widget added to allow you to start and stop Ear Spy from your home screens (Pro Version Only)
–Solved issues which were crashing the application

Version 1.1

–Fixed problems with crashing.
–Added descriptive dialogue box to explain how to use the app.
–Added support for Chinese Mandarin, Hindi, and English.
–Added Twitter Link


We do not condone using Ear Spy to break laws or intrude on private conversations. Please use Ear Spy responsibly.