Pet Rock 2 – Planet Simulator v2.0.0 Apk for Android

Pet Rock 2 – Planet Simulator is a Simulation Game far Android

This game is the sequel to Pet Rock by TBA Games, creators of the PC Mars strategy game PeriAreion

Pet Rock 2 is an exoplanet creation/simulation game based on real planetary science.

You begin with a simple rock in space. Choose your star type, adjust the parameters of your planet’s orbit, chemical makeup, and bombard it with meteors. Watch your planet grow and change–and if the conditions are right, watch as it develops life. Make a gas giant with a crushing atmosphere and a dozen moons, a tidally-locked ice planet, or a densely populated terrestrial world… it’s all up to you!

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— More science!
— Hundreds of different planet types and combinations
— In-depth stat screen showing your planet’s current mass, temperature, gravity, orbital period and more!
— Events buttons: rain down comets and meteors on your planet to give it water and carbon, or kill off life with a giant asteroid.
— Screenshot feature: save a picture of your planet to share with friends!
— Updated Stars: various real star types to choose from, each with its own unique color, temperature, and lifespan. Want a challenge? Choose a red dwarf or a hot blue giant.
— New original music
— Moons!

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