Out There 3.0 Mod (a lot of money) for Android

Out There

Out There 3.0 Mod (a lot of money) for Android

Out There is a Strategy Game for Android

5/5 on Touch Arcade
5/5 on Pocket Tactics
10.9 ‘Gold Medal’ to Pocket Gamer
participants in the main competition program Leftfield Collection on the Rezzed Show 2013
participants in the main competition program Indie Games Arcade on the Euro Gamer Expo 2013

WARNING: This game is hard! See the forum for Strategy Tips: http://outthere.forumactif.org/you are an astronaut and awaken from cryonics. But not in the solar system, but … somewhere out there … in a distant and unknown part of the galaxy. In “Out There” You must survive put your ship repaired, with what you collect floating in space, and find suitable planet for life to replenish your supplies oxygen again.The universe is a hostile place; every step of your journey is a dangerous and mysterious adventure. They meet not only intelligent species that can not take care of them, but also encounter ancient powers that are connected to your fate and the fate of humanity.The survival and understanding what is really in the galaxy at stake, are at the heart of “Out There”.The music was written by award-winning composer Siddhartha Barnhoorn (anti Chamber, The Stanley Parable).• Game Center: 50 achievements, a leaderboard • A dark and melancholy, difficult science fiction adventure • Explore with every new game a fresh procedurally generated galaxy • Meet the decisions: more than 300 multiple-choice Adventure
• Epic main story with three different endings
• 8 ships with different technical specifications • crafting system with 20 foreign technologies from 15 different materials
• Meet alien life forms and get to know their language • No fighting! Just to the environment! • uncanny musical accompaniment by award-winning composer Siddartha Barnhoorn (anti Chamber, The Stanley Parable) • Fantastic graphics on the type of Pulp Comics ”
• High replay value

Download last version Out There apk for android from revdl with direct link.