Orpheus Music Player v0.5.3 apk for android

· Multiple library source support through external plugins. All libraries share a queue, play music from multiple sources (with full Chromecast support) seamlessly. (See ‘More from Developer’ below to browse plugins)
· Remote playback via Chromecast (streaming direct from device for local storage no cloud proxies) with seamless transition between local and remote options
· Local storage folder browsing (folder browser will only show music files)
· Holo-Material interface
· Notification / lock screen controls for local and remote playback
· Built in search with voice support
· Drag-sort with swipe-to-remove for playlists and ‘Now Playing’ queue
· Variety of song/artist/album sorting options for home pages
· Choose / re-order home pages
· Home screen widgets
· Lockscreen widgets (4.2+)
· Daydream (4.2+) with option to choose alternate dream to show while music is not playing
· Muzei extension (album art as wallpaper)
· Gapless playback
· Automatic playback pausing for incoming call, and volume reduction for notifications
· Five color schemes in light and dark
· Cover art and artist image fetching from Last.fm and CoverArtArchive.org
· Optimized for smartphones and tablets
· Supports 4.0.4+ (Ice Cream Sandwich)

Orpheus is still in beta, some things might be broken. If you are having problems please email us via “Contact Developer'” below. You can also report bugs, find more information or voice your opinions and reviews in our Google+ Community (see “Visit Website” below).


FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) notice:
Source available at https://github.com/OpenSilk/Orpheus

Give us your feedback. Please rate and review. Enjoy!