Help the Zombies v1.1.0 Apk for Android

Help the Zombies is a Strategy Game for Android

The poor demented zombies come out of their graves and walk around in many beautiful places.
Alone they can not find the hard road to the house and thus also to fresh, healthy brain.
Without your help they starve because their own incredible stupidity prevents them to find the right path.
Help the zombies by enabling them dig a tunnel, build a staircase, or climb over obstacles.

Zombies follow the path of each other blindly like the animals lemmings without thinking of the consequences … and unfortunately that can sometimes have a bad end.

Try to navigate the zombies past traps, enemies and obstacles so that they arrive safely at home.
Instead of killing zombies you must help the zombies to survive!

Lead the zombies in the different beautiful worlds to the house by assigning them different actions.

– Floater: Use the parachute, so your zombie does not die when he falls down
– Bomber: Let a zombie explode
– Stopper: Stop a zombie, so that the others change direction
– Builder: Build a staircase over an obstacle or a hole
– Basher: Dig horizontally
– Miner: Dig diagonally downwards
– Digger: Dig directly downwards
– Climber: Let a zombie climb over an obstacle

The game is especially suitable for those who like to deal with logical thinking, tactical, fantasy and strategy games.
The difference between this app and others is that you must safe the zombies instead of killing them.

# Features
– Pause/Play button to time your actions
– Parallax effect
– Video description in first levels
– Fast forward button to increase the speed of the Zombies
– 6 different worlds with beautiful trees, plants, houses and a lot more (desert world, plants world, winter world, junge world, lava world, stone world)

If you don’t know how to play you can find a question mark button in the first levels located in the top right corner.
By clicking this button you can watch a video in which every function is described.

– You can dig through ropes using the Basher, Miner or Digger
– Let a zombie explode to break a rope
– Build stairs over traps
– The stone golem is immortal so don’t waste your time by trying to kill him 🙂
– Break the ropes wisely (in the middle, left or right) so the zombies can walk through

If you notice a problem don’t hesitate and write us to [email protected]

Hopefully you will find a way to safe the life of the zombies and have lots of fun with the zombies!

Optimized for Intel x86 mobile devices.


Download last version Help the Zombies apk for android from revdl with direct link.