GTA Vice City mod apk 1.09 Full(Unlimited Money) + Data obb for Android

GTA Vice City mod apk 1.09 Full(Unlimited Money) + Data obb for Android

GTA Vice City mod apk is one of the big car theft games in the style of action and adventure games. GTA VC apk was released on October 27, 2002. Different versions of the game were released for different consoles such as: Xbox, Windows, and then designed and released for a variety of mobile operating systems, including Android and iPhone. You can get unlimited money by download gta vice city mod and install it.

In GTA vice city apk, you wander in the role of a man in a city and receive various missions for which you are paid and you will feel the ultimate excitement in this game. In this game, you can see two types of war and car, which has made the game doubly attractive. GTA Vice City apk mod is from the third person view. You must be able to take good control of the game and complete its missions to be able to advance the game story well. Game missions are linear scenarios with specific objectives. Because some missions need more guidance, several missions may be running at the same time. The user and the player can move freely in the city because the game is open and has the ability to perform various optional missions. The game world, which consists of two main islands and several small areas, is very attractive and interesting.

Gta vice city mod apk

The player has the ability to run, jump and drive different vehicles to move in the GTA Vice City full mod apk. By clashing with his enemies, the player can act hand-to-hand with weapons and explosives. The game’s 3D environment allows users to use first-person view when using a sniper rifle or missile. The user can also shoot wherever he wants while driving. In this game, the player is allowed to use all kinds of weapons. You can use the auto-marker when fighting the enemy, which helps you a lot. When the user’s life is completely over, the game stops and the user shows up at the nearest hospital, losing all his weapons and ammunition, as well as part of his money. One of the things that many fans are interested in this game is the possibility of more sightseeing inside the buildings, which is very interesting.

Gta vice city mod apk download

In this game you will see different vehicles such as boats, motorcycles and helicopters that are very well designed.

Weapons have different rankings and for the first time the main character of the game is voiced. Which is one of the best and most important features of the game.

The game’s graphics are designed in full HD and exactly like the PC version, and its quality will amaze you, and you will love to run this game for consecutive hours.

Download Gta vice city mod apk

GTA Vice City mod apk story:

The story of the GTA Vice City Hack apk is about people named Tommy and Rasti who belong to the mafia family in the city. The leader or head of the family sends Tommy on a mission to kill someone. But Tommy is trapped there by 11 people and is forced to kill them all, which is why he is called the butcher. Tommy is arrested after committing the murder and spends several years in prison without knowing that his boss had sent the eleven to kill him. His family is involved in the drug trade. Feeling threatened after his release, Tommy’s boss sends Tommy to the city to meet with a lawyer to deal with his family on drugs. When they are trading, they are attacked by unknown people and Tommy is killed, but he escapes from there completely unaware that he has left the materials and money there. After the boss finds out about this, he gets very angry and threatens Tommy. Tommy tells him that he is taking back both drugs and money, and identifying the perpetrators of the attack. The story of the game starts from here. You have to try to play this game well to reach your goal in this game.

Gta vice city apk download

Install Original Apk:
1. Install Original Apk
2. Download catch folder and Extract and then copy folder “com.rockstargames.gtavc” to “Android/Obb/”
3. Play and enjoy it

Install Mod Apk:
1. Install Original Apk
2. Download catch folder and Extract and then copy folder “com.rockstargames.gtavc” to “Android/Obb/”
3. Download Mod and Extract and then copy folder “com.rockstargames.gtavc” to “Android/Data/”
4. Play and enjoy it

Game summary:

As we said, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is one of the great car games in the style of action and adventure games. Features of this game include the availability of a variety of cars, the ability to pick up or buy them, the ability to board a variety of aircraft and ships, and its addictive gameplay. You can get a variety of missions in this game.

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