Free Download Musical Tiles 3.1 APK

Free Download Musical Tiles 3.1 APK For Android from Which can move faster? Your finger or brain? Musical Tiles will give you an answer!20 modes to choose , simple rules—don’t tap the white tiles, so easy to play .Download Jetpack Joyride Mod Apk

Don’t forget to share your score with friends:P, show who the master is!

Here are 20 modes:

-Classic mode:Test your speed,tap 50 tiles as fast as you can.

-Arcade mode:Test your concentration,endless if you never miss a black tile, be careful, it’s gonna move faster and faster.

-Zen mode:Test your endurance,tap tiles as much as you can in 30s.

-Racing Mode: How many rounds you can stand?

-Roller Coaster: Enjoy the acceleration!

-Rush: No top speed limit, it gonna move faster and faster!.

-Thrill:Watch out for the red!

-Relay:try to finish 50 tiles every 10s.

-Ice:Tap 50 frozen tiles as fast as you can.

-Reverse:Tiles will go upside down.

-Lightning: it is dark and lightning is your only chance to see the tiles!

-Double:2 tiles each line.don’t miss any of them.

-Online Battle :compete with friends online.

-Side:Tiles enter from left or right,watch out!!

-Heart Beat: Collect hearts or lose .

-Double Black:Mind the black tile from nowhere

-Hell :Speed from the hell, buckle up!

-Colorful:Tap 50 colorful tiles as fast as you can.

-Flappy brid :flappy bird is back, stay away from the pipes.

-Parkour:Tap to begin, dodge the coming red.