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Trouble sleeping? Device screen too bright even on the lowest brightness setting? Want to give your phone a warm look instead of that eye straining blue gaze you see at night? EasyEyes is the solution. Inspired by Flux for the PC, EasyEyes changes your device’s color temperature and creates a screen filter to reduce eye strain when looking at your device at night. Looking at a lower and natural light source gives your body a chance to produce more melatonin, helping to provide you with better sleep. With EasyEyes, you can now look at your phone at any point during the night while keeping your eyes in an easy, restful state.
* Simplicity of one click on/off.
* Temperature Filter – Turn the blue gaze of your device with warm lighting.
* Brightness Filter – Set the brightness level below minimum brightness.
* Lowest System Brightness – Set the system brightness to the lowest setting.

Paid App Features:
* Automatic Scheduler – Set EasyEyes to turn on automatically night after night.
* Sunrise and Sunset Time – Set the schedule based on the sunrise and sunset.
* Disable Button Backlight – Turn off backlight on hardware keys.
* EasyEyes Widget/Shortcut – Quickly and easily turn on and off EasyEyes.
* Tasker support integration (Action available in “Plugin” category)
What makes EasyEyes different? EasyEyes works on all devices as well as covering the entire screen. It also does not interfere with Android’s system brightness giving you more control of your device’s brightness.
Why upgrade to the full version of EasyEyes?
Using the automatic scheduler, all you have to do is set the time once and let EasyEyes do the work night after night. It will even set the times based on the sunrise and sunset wherever you are in the world. With the timeout feature of the scheduler, EasyEyes will know when to turn itself back on even when you have disabled it. You also have the ability to enable and disable EasyEyes in one click using the EasyEyes widget. Still see a slight glow with EasyEyes on? All of these features, ad-free, plus more on the way.
Common Issues:
“Cannot click the install button of .apk files” – The android operating system seems to disable the installation of third party .apk files whenever the system_alert_window permission is used. Until a work around is found, you will have to disable EasyEyes temporarily to install a third party app.
“The onscreen navigation keys are still too bright” – With the “lowest system brightness” option, the white keys will be dimmed down to their minimum brightness.
Translation Help
– French (Thanks Christophe!)
– Polish (Thanks Łukasz!)
– Russian (Thanks Сергей!)
– German (Thanks Andreas!)
– Turkish (Thanks Abdussamed!)
– Dutch (Thanks Charlotte!)
– Japanese (Thanks Natsuki!)

If you would like to help with the translations in EasyEyes? Send the developer an email through the app or contact the developer at [email protected].

Sleep research on warm lighting:
Be Easy on the Eyes (Formerly EasyEyez).

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