Find My Friends! v7.0

Find My Friends helps you locate your friends and identifies their exact location on the app’s navigational map. It’s the perfect way to track friends whether you’re shopping in a mall, visiting a museum, camping in the great outdoors or enroute to meet up at this year’s best-ever party! For families, it offers peace of mind. There’s no need to constantly text message children or other relatives to find out where they are and if they are safe. Find My Friends lets everyone stay connected without having to send or respond to an endless stream of “where are you?” texts. Find My Friends uses state-of-the-art Global Positioning System (GPS) technology to provide the most accurate, up-to-date locations in real-time. Never wonder where your friends are, if they’re lost, stuck in traffic, or just plain late. With Find My Friends, it won’t take long to figure out where your friends actually are and help them get to where they’re supposed to be. It’s an easy-to-use friend locator and people finder app!Says one reviewer: ★★★★★ “Great app! Allows you to keep track of a network of people and even lets you see how they have moved about in the last hours!—Mikael Bergbrant

Some of the most popular Find My Friend functions, features and benefits include:

Find Your Friends
Once installed on your phone, Find My Friends can help you locate your friends anytime or anywhere. Just view the map on the Find My Friends app—each friend appears as their own, individual icon. The map updates in real-time, so you can quickly learn where each person is and also, where they are going.

Friend Locator
Here’s a perfect example of how Find My Friends is a helpful friend locator: Say you’re going camping with a group of people. Before the trip, have all campers install the Find My Friends app on their phones. Now you can chat with everyone simultaneously to coordinate trip details, such as meeting time and place, supplies/shopping list duties, suggest trails to hike or tourist spots to visit on the trip. This all can be decided in advance of your journey so you can make the most of your time appreciating nature in the great outdoors, not with your nose buried in a guidebook or travel app. You can also use Find My Friends to locate errant campers still enroute to the pre-determined meeting point and estimate a group meeting time. And if you have any direction-challenged friends who typically get lost…Find My Friends can help you guide them to the campsite location in a timely fashion, because you know exactly where there are! Even after the camping trip is over, Find My Friends is a helpful app. You can monitor the app’s map to make sure everyone got home safely and then visit it again, when it’s time to plan your group’s next adventure!

Locate My Friends/Locate Friends
Even if your friends don’t have a smart phone, you can still use Find My Friends to locate and track friends. Just send them an invite via text. Once they reply with a “yes,” their icon will appear on the app’s map. Find My Friends uses cell phone tower triangulation to help locate your friends, no matter where they are located or headed.

People Finder
Find My Friends lets you find people with any phone, whether or not it’s a smart phone. The Find My Friends app works with iPhones, Android Phones, BlackBerry phones and even non-smart phones. For non-smart phones owners, just send them an invite to join via text and once the invite is accepted, that person can be tracked. Find My Friends is also a helpful mobile number tracker.

People Search
Find My Friends is a great people search tool. Friends can send you alerts when they check in at a destination, whether it’s a new restaurant, art gallery or shopping mall where a great sale just started. You can quickly check the app’s map for your friend’s exact location. Find My Friends will provide the navigation to their exact address, so you can join them!