Auto/Parts Hunter – Craigslist

Craigslist Auto and Parts Hunter

** Developed by enthusiast for enthusiasts **

Uniquely designed to simplify searches when it comes to locating cars on Craigslist. It’s a jungle there!!!
Whether you are buying, selling or just browsing, this little tool can greatly enhances your search experience.

Craigslist Auto Hunter cleverly displays results in tabs so you can view ads logically in their own categories. This little functionality is a time saver. One checkbox is equivalent to 10 search criteria and if you are a Craigslist addict like me, you know how annoying searching on Craigslist can get.

** Note: This app works based on the html from Craigslist. **
** If it stops working, please upgrade to the latest release **
** Please notify me via email when it stops working instead of writing bad review 🙂 **
** Thanks for your support **

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