Android Camera & Photo Editor 2.1.1.

There are 100milion users that have joined”CymeraSeason2”
We have started as an easy photo editing application, and now, we are receiving lots of love from you for our new photoplay feature of sharing and editing photos with your friends.

Have fun with the basic features of Cymera of taking pictures and retouching them(editing, decorating, make up) with the photos in your “private album” that you share with your global Cymera friends.

Create and share photos through private albums with your friends. It will be a special hideout to have a good laugh by making cute or comical pics!

■ Retouch
Retouch is a unique photoplay function that can only be found at CymeraSeason2. Use the Facepop feature (blowing up the head size, speech bubble) as a cute and silly way to have fun with your friends, or use the meme feature to create witty phrases. Sharing with your friends will make the experience more enjoyable.

■ Powerful Camera
Choose between our 7 fascinating camera lenses and select out of the Focus/ Anti-Shake/Timer/Self-Portrait/Touch Shot options to capture extraordinary photos.

■ Filters
Use the effects of approximately 100 filters/lights/borders that will change the ambience of your photos and bring them to life! Adjust the intensity so it looks more natural than ever.

■ Collages and Decorating
Everything is possible with

Camera & Photo Editor