Adguard Premium Apk 4.2.25 Full Mod Pro [Nightly/Lite] android


Adguard Premium Apk 4.2.25 Full Mod Pro [Nightly/Lite] for android

an app for automatic removal of Internet ads on Android smartphones is Adguard Premium apk, which has been developed for some default smartphone browsers. Download latest cracked version of this app from revdl and block all of malware and unwanted ads on your android devices.

This app, created by Adguard for smartphone devices, is offered for free and pro and has been well received by users. Nowadays, when the Internet is well established among the people and a lot of things are done by social networks, profiteers do hacking and things like that to gain the trust of users and its information. To abuse. This app helps you maintain privacy in your apps. This app has everything you would expect from an ad blocker. As we have said, for all users who spend a lot of time in cyberspace, subconscious advertising messages are executed in browsers, which both slows down the browser and annoys them. You can enjoy surfing the internet by download and installing the Adguard patched apk and blocking annoying ads.

download Adguard Premium android

With Adguard mod apk and install full version including nightly/light, your internet becomes a safer place out of reach of spies, viruses and online trackers.

Adguard Premium mod apk program is one of the most unique and famous ad blocking in programs and browsers. Advertising on the Internet is one of the most common ways to earn money from the web, which unfortunately has been used a lot in recent years, and this is why when searching and surfing the web with a large and extensive volume. Let’s face advertising in various ways. Sometimes the volume of ads is so high that we can not find the content we want and use it. Adguard pro apk program uses its algorithm to detect Internet ads with high accuracy and removes them automatically. This program no longer needs to be rooted, and also allows you and other users to add their favorite sites to its whitelist so that ads are not removed from them if you wish. This program saves a lot of battery power and does not take up a lot of Internet users. With this program available, you can bring yourself a wonderful experience of web browsing. The program even allows its users to have complete control over its filters and to be able to apply their own rules to remove ads. Therefore, it has made it possible for the user to remove any type of ad or content from the websites. But you should know that all these things are reversible and all the set rules can be reversed in the future. This program is so popular that it has been downloaded more than millions of times.

Adguard Premium Apk Full

Features of Adguard Premium APK:

  • Ability to use the pro version of the program by downloading from revdl
  • Mod is Nightly and Lite version with full features
  • Ability to customize filters and personalize them
  • Ability to add any site to the white list to see ads
  • Has complete and default lists for removing ads
  • Save users battery and internet volume
  • No need to have root access in the Premium version
  •  Ability to automatically remove Internet ads in browsers and applications
  • Ability to automatically detect malicious sites and block them
  • Protect users against phishing and malicious websites
  •  Has complete filtering of pop-up site ads and push notifications

download Adguard mod apk

If you want to protect yourself against the unknown things that are on the Internet and fight with more confidence and without downloading additional sections of websites and increasing the cost of the Internet, you must install the Adguard Premium mod apk program. And you need this app. Blocking ads is one of the main tasks of any ad blocker, which is no exception. With this program, you can successfully block all ads on each page of your browser.

MOD [Nightly]:

Premium / Money Features Unlocked.
Unwanted licenses + recipients + providers + services removed;
Optimized and zipped graphics and cleared resources for faster application loading;
Debug code removed;
Remove the default .source tags of the corresponding Java filenames.
Analysis disabled;
The native Sentry code has been removed and disabled.
Disable startup page;
No patch mark;
Languages: Multiple languages;
CPUs: armeabi-v7a, arm64-v8a, x86, x86_x64;
Screen DPIs: 120dpi, 160dpi, 240dpi, 320dpi, 480dpi, 640dpi;
Signature of original package changed;


Based on Knightley mode default;
Optimized and zipped graphics and deleted resources for faster loading – [11.68 MB total apk size];
Ultra-tight packaging;
Encrypt all sources;
Languages: En, Ru;
CPUs: armeabi-v7a, arm64-v8a, x86, x86_64;
Screen DPIs: 120dpi, 160dpi, 240dpi, 320dpi, 480dpi, 640dpi;
Signature of original package changed;

How To Install ?

  1. Uninstall Any Previous Version of Adguard from your device
  2. Download and Install Patched APK pro premium apk From the download page
  3. enter the app and enjoy it

You may be wondering if these ad blockers are safe or not ?! We can tell you here that most of these ad blockers are as secure as any other app you have on your phone. These programs are completely safe. If you want to use ad blocker, put your favorite sites on the white list. Filters and enabling or disabling phishing and malware protection Manage your browser security module and also help develop security filters by sending some anonymous security information. There is an option that you can save your settings and use to save it in a file, and vice versa to load the settings from a file already saved you can enter the settings to use.

adguard android mod

How to download Adguard Premium apk with mod:

Adguard Premium apk program is one of the newest web development tools and filtering and blocking ads available for the Android operating system. By download premium version from RevDL and installing this application on your android smartphone, you can easily and safely browse the web in the big world of the Internet. This app automatically removes webpage ads and lets you have a new web browsing experience with your smartphone. The program will take full care of all the configurations on your smartphone, which we recommend you try.

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